Wednesday, March 23

Why Are We Spiritual?

A question came up in class yesterday about spirituality. The teacher asked us 'what made a person spiritual?' So now I'm asking you, as believers in Jesus Christ (or for those of you who aren't) what is it that you do, or don't do, believe, or seek that makes you a spiritual person? Does attending church three times a week do it? What about not drinking or attending movies? So for everyone reading...What is it that makes you a spiritual person and why?

Tuesday, March 22


MAC, originally uploaded by Meredith R Culberson.

Can you believe it? There is going to be a MAC opening in the Halifax Shopping Center this summer! I'm overcome with ecstasy. It's my life long goal to work at MAC, and now this amazing opportunity has come up! I'm definitely going to apply, although I won't get my hopes up of getting a job. It's fun to dream though.

Friday, March 18


iPod Mini, originally uploaded by Meredith R Culberson.

Two nights ago, I did it, I purchased an iPod mini! I decided to get the pink one, I wonder why?
It will be great to have for class too, because I can transport files too.
The only bad things was the cost, but for what it does, I was semi-willing to shell out the cash.

Wednesday, March 16

Lynn's Blog

Hi Everyone, I stumbled across an old friends blog tonigh. He has some meaningful things to say. Here's the address:

Tuesday, March 15

Only Hours Away From Total Collapse

Windy girls
Windy girls,
originally uploaded by Meredith R Culberson.

Intrasession has been a good week except for the relentless wind and 60 hours of sitting in those very uncomfortable chairs. (For my BBC friends, the lecture hall, and for fellow Provers, the chapel type chairs, for others reading, well just be glad you can't relate.) Our breaks were definately inadequate, however it was very nice to just mooch around and not have to do anything in particular for 10 whole minutes! Thank goodness the day is almost over, and I can go home to a sink full of dishes! That's all for now...

Tuesday, March 1

Another Amazing Album

Singer/songwriter/surfer/filmmaker Jack Johnson delevers a shining new album of acoustic guitar- driven grooves, and solid pop songcraft called "In Between Dreams". You must listen to this album, in typical JJ style, he takes you to a nice world or waves, and gulls....forget about our dreadful winters, and relax...with Jack.

The Good Old Days

Karen's wedding
Originally uploaded by Meredith R Culberson.
My best friends mother recently sent me some photos of days gone by. This one is of Whitney, Breanne, Myself and Katie at our church before we sang at a wedding. Ahhhhh the good old days!