Wednesday, November 22

The Mummy and the Daddy

Christmas is coming and I get to go home. When it's not busy my mind drifts and thinks about going home. We all have those special memories with our families. I seem to have a lot from around Christmas time. I wish I could capture the pale yellow of the living room with the lights on the tree creating a soft and soothing glow. Nothing says home like this.
I started a tradition a few years ago that I hope to carry on when I have my own family. I went for a walk Christmas night. The crisp air was so refreshing after a day inside. I wonder who'll join me this year?
Not all my memories are serious though. One year was very disappointing. I'd been asking for a sewing machine all year. It was the only thing I really wanted. When it was time for my final (and biggest) gift I just knew it would be the long coveted sewing machine. Oh the things I would create! I closed my eyes as mum brought it in...I opened them and saw, a suitcase. How...practical. Well it did turn out to be practical I've used it over and over. It's been everywhere with me. Still I'll always remember the year of the suitcase. Just thinking about the things that have happened in the past get me excited about what will happen this year!
What's your favourite Christmas memory?
Here's a photo of my mum, dad and I from the last time we were together.

Tuesday, November 14

Found It.

Because I'm getting old (25 in 2 months) I've been reflecting lately on where I've been. Here's the update.

Today...I'm 24, have a MA in Religious Education (sans 1 class). I work at Starbucks, but long for more. I just accepted the title of Department Head for our k-5 kids ministry at church. I've officially sewn two things on my 6 month old sewing machine. This month I went on my first Women's Retreat. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I usually have lots of bruises because I rock climb twice a week. All my friends are getting engaged, and I'm eating hot dogs with girlfriends at Costco.

Two Months Ago...Not Much has changed. I just learned to knit. I visited Ottawa to go to a wedding. I saw Willow Anne there, and told her I still love to make her donuts.I also surprised my mom who was on her fall vacation there with my father. I hadn't seen them in 6 months.

One Year Ago... Oh the students life for me. I recently moved back to Winnipeg after spending the worst summer of my life in Halifax. My boyfriend and I just broke up. I live in a house of my own (well a rented house) with very special roommates. My grandfather died 7 months ago. I still cry when I think about it. I work for some Seminary professors and also Coordinate the social events for the seminary. I started learning Sign Language at Deaf Centre Manitoba and love it...this might be a calling. I can see signing in my future. Once a month I do large group for soul kids. Can't find my donut recipe.

Five Years Ago... If I can count right I'm in my second year of University at Bethany Bible College in NB. I live with my best friend Heather in TP, who is about to meet her soon to be fiance. I'm in the final months of my one year commitment with Alive. I've been doing sound and counseling at summer camps and youth retreats for over a year! Willow Anne taught me how to make donuts. I hope I never lose the recipe.

Thursday, November 9

Something to Blog About

Christmas has come early at every Starbucks in the city. Last night Ernest, Shirley, Heather and I spend 5 hours (7pm-12:15 am) turning Sbux Southglen into a Winter Wonder Land. Here's proof.

Thursday, November 2

Sew Up

After oh, let's see 5 months of owning a sewing machine I finally made something. A magic bag for magically restoring my sore muscles to a tension free state. If only it could get rid of my sore uvula.