Thursday, August 7

A Good Rain...

Yesterday was, for those of you who love a good rain shower, a lovely day. Despite the overcast skies, heavy rain and muggy air I enjoyed the day and was in an overall good mood.

T treated me to a strong coffee at lunch and I was able to participate in some change of command activities at work and meet the Cmdt designate. The real excitement came when I made my daily trip to the leaky mailbox. TWO things just for me, neither damaged in any way by the rains.

First a Tin Can Studio postcard penned by Grace (Juniper Grace) with a quote I chose. I thought I could be sneaky and get Grace's return address via the postcard, but of course there is no room, and no reason to put a return on a little postcard. 

Knitting is the saving of life
Virginia Woolf

Secondly a lovely bag from Fat Squirrel (of The Fat Squirrel Speaks). For the sake of full disclosure I have not yet listened to her podcast but got sucked in by her striking fabrics. Looks like she has another update Aug 8. I must resist.

That was it for mail, but after a quick trip to town for ice cream I spend over an hour listening to a Homespun house podcast and knitting on my Dessine-Moi Un Mouton. No progress pics to show yet, but here is my swatch from last week.