Sunday, October 22

Catch Up

The ever witty HW requested to see some wall climbing photos from the past here goes. This first one here is me attempting to muster up enough energy to get to the end. Next is Amy, a bar star at your local Starbucks.
It's loads of fun, it gives you a great work out and a real sense of accopmplishment. Join me sometime...Tuesday nights...Co-Ed Shapes on Pembina...6-9...$ and harness included.

Monday, October 16

Knitting Con Panna

Check out some photos from the first EVER (in winnipeg) Starbucks knitting club, called Knitting Con Panna (knitting with cream...yes it doesn't make any sense). I can tell that we're going to become a very tight knit group. Judging from the turn out (7 at the first meeting, 5 partners, 2 customers) this will be the most fun ever. We're a very passionate group with a real love for what we're doing. For now we're just getting together to knit. Hopefully in the future we're going to be donating scarves, hats and mitts that we make to a shelter or transition home downtown. We are also looking into donating to a daycare, and possibly selling our things at a craft show. There really are endless possibilities. For more photos see Heathers photos on little hobbit feet.