Wednesday, June 28

The Starbucks Climbers

There is nothing better than a girls night, except a girls wall climbing night. Renee, Dalia, (two chums from work) and I climbed at Shapes last night. We were all challenged and some of us even beat our previous records. Thanks for the help Sam...Take a look.

Friday, June 16


I'm sure we've all been there. We see an image, or get a thought, and it inspires us to change for the better, improve what we already have, or aspire to new goals. This photo from yvestown completely flooded me with these lofty thoughts today. Here's is just one of the beautiful images from her site.

Thursday, June 15

Morning Fresh

This morning fresh strawberries from the garden ornamented my pumpkin waffles.

Friday, June 9

Like, Stop Saying Like.

These posters tell us that we all sound stupid because we say this word. Do we even know we use this unnecessary discourse marker? How kind of their designer to have our best interests in mind. Some of us don't and are okay with that. (click to enlarge, they are worth the read)

Tuesday, June 6

Fast Forward

Okay, let's fast forward from then (my last post ) to now.
Let's do a photo recap. :) Click on the photos to enlarge.
So I's proof.

I also got a new car...

Started working at

Then I took my car on a camping/canoe trip to Caddy Lake...

It was beautiful...

Becky and I did some simple bouldering.
I also got a bike.
And have been spending a lot of time in the garden.