Tuesday, August 17

What Makes a Vacation?

What makes a vacation really great? Is it the deals you score at the outlets, the amazing hotel, or the perfect beach weather? Yes, perhaps but I tend to believe memories are made when you share conversation and experiences with people you care about.

On my recent vacation a lot of time was spent selecting food and places to eat with family and loved ones. Even through everything wasn't always perfect, I don't have one bad memory of the following places.

Wile I shopped in Bangor, Jacques got a breakfast Sandwich from Subway.

The next stop was When Pigs Fly to pick up some artisan bread and dipping oil. 

Then we enjoyed steak, and fish, lobster and beer at Gritty McDuffs. 

The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at  Friendly's in Freeport.

Jacques family took us out to Fish Bones in down town Chelmsford that night.

The next time we ate out was a breakfast treat at Tango Grill Cafe.

Later that day we visited my favourate grocery store, Trader Joe's.

When we arrived at Old Orchard Beach we had Bills Street Pizza which was delicious! That night our Portland treat was 51 Wharf.

The next morning we got our morning coffee at Starbucks....and breakfast at Mr.Bagel

Later that day we ate at Taco Bell but they had no Fries Supreme. A few days later our travels took us to Nova Scotia. Of course there was Tim Hortons.

And a great little restaurant in Truro called Frank and Gino's

Before Blue Rodeo we munched on goodies at Jungle Jims.

For most of this trip we grabbed snacks from grocery stores but on the way home we did eat at St. Hubert with my mom and dad.

What's your favourite vacation food?

Thursday, August 12

Friday, August 6

{Mixed Media Challenge}

Well after very little debate I've gone and joined the Mixed Media Challenge which is sponsored by Heidi of London Wul.

Each piece of work must be themed on a quote. As such the inspiration for my project comes from an ancient Russian proverb. As my project is revealed, the reason behind this will come to light.

"If everyone gives one thread, the poor person will have a shirt"

Today Heidi posted some links to feed the fire of our fiber {or mixed media}  addictions.

from t to b, l to r:
Central Park West Sunset -Linda Levin, Winter -Lines Laura Cater- Wood, Its Raining Men- Mary Clare Buckle, Winter I Series -Bloomfelt.

Thursday, August 5


Currently I'm in the process of launching my own micro-business, there's lots to do and I find it so easy to get swept away with ideas, especially when I look online for inspiration.

Although I've distributed some of my product already I'm still looking for 'branding' ideas. These are ways to make my product easily identifiable amongst a sea of other beautiful goodies.

The 'tag' as I call it is what I'm focusing on this week. Here is some recent inspiration.