Monday, May 23

Sail Cakes

Victoria Day has been a very lazy day. The sky is grey and has been ever since I woke up early this morning. The over cast sky will make for a perfect picture taking day.
Steve and I just finished our pancake lunch. I decided to play around with a new recipe that I created because of a lack of milk. So Sail Cakes were born. Here is how they got their name. I had this tub of Ricotta cheese that I needed to use soon before it went bad. For some reason Steve can not say Ricotta, when he tries the only thing that comes out of his mouth is Regatta. Apparently a Regatta is a type of large sailing competition, so Sail Cakes were born. Although Steve was skeptical at first in the end he really did like them. They are a bit heavier than most pancakes, but utterly delicious. Here is the recipe:

Sail Cakes
^ 10, 4" cakes
*1 c. Whole wheat flour
*1 egg
*3/4 c. Water or 1 cup milk
*1/2 c. Ricotta cheese
*2 Tablespoons light olive oil, or veggie oil
*1 Tablespoon melted butter (omit if using milk)
*1 Tablespoon sugar
*1 teaspoon powder
*1 teaspoon soda
*1/2 teaspoon salt
*1 teaspoon cinnamon
*1 teaspoon honey

Wednesday, May 18

Bunny Ears PC

Bunny Ears PC, originally uploaded by Meredith R Culberson.

Before we enjoyed a yummy mean of fish 'n' chips, and seafood chowder, we had some fun in the gift shop. That is Kriss laughing at me in the background.

Peggy's Cove

Windy Day PC, originally uploaded by Meredith R Culberson.

Last weekend Kriss and Barnabus from Korea, via Providence, came to visit Steve and I in Nova Scotia. We took them to Peggy's cove on a really cold, wet and windy day, which was intesified because of the costal weather.

Wednesday, May 11

Just how hard is it supposed to be?

So moving to Halifax for the summer, was supposed to be lighthearted, fun...easy. To my deeep displeasure, living on the coast of the world, has been anything but a good time.
I don't want to sound negative, I love the city and the people. It's just the job market that has me wishing I wasn't a student, and that I could advertise all the skills I've gathered over the years.
I came here naively thinking I would have no problem finding a job. I was W-R-O-N-G. However it is probably my pride that is keeping me from being employed today. But that's not what I want to talk about now...I want to talk about, the way looking for a job, can totally destroy a girl.
You would think being a student would enable you to gain employment. Doesn't it prove that you have brains, you are committed, and diligent? Doesn't it say "I have goals, and I want to make a difference?" Guess not.
In a city of 500,000 (?) I have not been able to find a full time job anywhere. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places, or calling the right numbers? Even the part-time job market is difficult to break into. No one wants a student, someone who is only around four months of the year. I even got turned away by a call-centre! How discouraging!
So I'm left wondering what the heck I am supposed to do. How far do I go to get a job? Should I indicate I am currently a student on my resume? Should I omit the fact I am going to be deserting them in four months? Do I lie? Where do I draw the line between employment, and integrity?
As tough as it it, I am being optimistic. I have made good friends with the local library, and find myself cooking a lot more cakes. Some days it's easy to be optimistic and excited. However sometimes, in this world where everyone is looking out for number one, I just want to crawl home and have someone need me, to tell me they wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't around. I guess we all feel this way, we need to be needed.
So if you're looking for a job this summer, don't be discouraged, there is a job out there for you. It may not be exactly what you are looking for. Heck I gave up my 9-5 dream job two weeks ago. Keep looking, seek and you will find...eventually.