Saturday, October 22

Great Guacamole

I just tried this recipe for an avcoado's favourite dish from the Moosewood Cookbook. Try it today.


juice of half lemon or whole lime
flesh of 1 large avocado
1 small clove of garlic minced
1/2 teaspoon of cumin
small piece of Lebanese cucumber finely sliced
small piece of red capsicum (pepper) finely sliced
2 big spoonfuls of mayonnaise (or to taste).
(this adorible picture is by loobylu)

Bloody Redemption

I just got back from seeing a play! Tonight was the first night I have been out "on the town" since moving back to the Peg. This play was called "The Rise and Fall of Bloody Redemption". It was held at a church, and there was some language that you wouldn't expect to hear at a church used. Interesting....However, the language was funny, the context was funny, the whole thing was just funny. Speaking of funny, thank goodness Jason did have this outfit on tonight (the one in the photo), he would have been chilly!
This one man show was performed by Jason Neufeld (just in case you don't know, this is a classic Mennonite name) The play was a back and forth monologue between former childhood friends. Zak Funk and Billy Reamer. Zak is a super rock n' roll star (Christian Rock 'n roll that is) and Billy is a big city telavangelist. Basically it was about extremism and how it can show up in fanatically religious people and the non-religious. Humorous and witty.

Neufeld performed this play at the Winnipeg Fringe Fest this past summer. He is also the author of several other plays: "Confessions of a Repressed Mennonite", "The Sound of Two Dorks Humping", "The Mennonite Bandit vs. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll" and "Kentucky Waterfall".

It would be really interesting to know Jason's personal beliefs, where his personal spirit lies. He was critical of Christian culture and the obvious hypocrisies that exist. He says "we are living in a dark age of religious fundamentalism". A time where the separation of church and state is becoming a thing of the past, a time where Christian groups are getting media savvy and mobilizing against "immorality". "Call it what you will- a crusade, a witch hunt, a holy war- religious extremism and fanaticism is scary. And that's why it needs to be laughed at".

Sunday, October 16

Jamie's Italy

I was looking on Jamie Oliver's website today. He's got some really fun things there. And hey, who doesn't want to win a trip to Italy.

Sunday, October 2

Happy Having Fun

I'm in the back with the hot blonde

On a Boat etc..

This is me in an orange lifejacket. First of all I really like orange. But there is something about a really big hard orange thing wrapped around someone's body that is just not attractive, no matter what the spin.

This year is going to be a busy one. I have five classes. Yes that's a lot, especially in Seminary. This isn't Bible College folks. Sometimes I wish it was, no I take that back. That would involve being 17-20 again, no thanks.

I'm a teacher in Sunday School, which is no longer called Sunday School. Now it is called "Soul Kids". I really like this name but it is very different than the type of Sunday school I grew up with. We don't do colouring. Isn't that too bad.

At school I got asked to be the social co-ordinator. This seems like an easy job, but it's not. Being social is hard. It's especially hard trying to make friends with single males. They think you want to date them... oh boys!

By the way I'm not a Halogian gal anymore. I probably never will be again.