Wednesday, January 12

Terminal Frustrations

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I just finished spending some quality time with my mother. We watched "The Terminal" with the, ever talented, Mr. Tom Hanks. It was a great movie, funny, sad, challenging (well kind of). Despite it's appeal, it left me kind of disappointed. The reason Viktor Navorski goes to New York, fianally get accomplished, however, I was waiting for more. There was no closure for me. His realtionship with Missy. Flightattendant never gets truly resolved. Nor do we find out what happens to his airport staff friends. I really want to know more about Mr. Navorski. Does he have a family? What kind of job does he have that enables him to leave work for 3 months? Why is he SO nice? Although the Terminal was extremely funny, and entertaining, I still want to know 'why' to many questions. I got very upset at the Airport manager, or whoever he was. I don't think he deserved his job. He didn't care for the people in his airport at all. Are people really as awful as him? One of the best parts of the movie, was the beautiful moasic fountian Viktor made for his um, lady friend.
Have you seen the movie? What do you think?

Tuesday, January 4

Photos a la Meredith

I'm spending the week in Halifax. It's wonderful except for one thing. I don't have my precious little car with me.
However I am having fun and learning lots of new things.
On Sunday Steve and I went out for a long walk. We took about 36 b&w photos. When we got home he taught me to develop my own photos! This is very exciting, as I have always wanted to learn how, now I can do it for free. The best part is that Steve is very patient, and explains everything very well. Also Im learning to hand tint photos. It takes a lot of patience. I'm thinking if I get proficient at the task, I might sell them! 5x7's go for approximately $50 or more. What a fun and delightful way to make some spare change.
If I can I'll post some of my work later, and perhaps in the distant future, some might be for sale here as well.