Monday, February 27

Day 23: Inspiration from Clothes

Day 23: Inspiration from Clothes
Every city or town has at least one; mine is
called Value Village, and I spent a good amount of
time here on Saturday AND Sunday. One thing that
really inspires me here are the knit patterns on many
of the sweaters. Cat Bordhi wrote once that she buys
knit items  unique patterns, and try's to deconstruct, 
and then figure out what combination of stitches were
used to create the pattern repeats in the first place.

Day 16: Texture

Day 16: Texture
This is a lovely 'little' (well too little for me) top or sweater from MEX.
The texture of the 'yarn' is almost like a woven fibre. When
this is knit, an entire other dimension opens up!

Friday, February 24

Day 24 & 29: Up Close & Latest FO

Day 24- Up Close
Day 29-Latest FO

A co worker recently (Hem, in December) asked me to make some
dishcloths for his mother. As I wove in the ends and stacked them
one on top of the other I was struck with how nice they looked,
and couldn't resist taking a photo.

Tuesday, February 21

A month of Craft Photos

Kelly from Celtic Cast On has been doing a Month of Craft photos. This is an idea which she got from Andi Satterlund over at Untangling Knots. I loved looking at Kelly's blog and reading all her little stories that related to each photo she posted. In fact I loved the idea so much I thought I would join in!

Who says a 'month of something' has to start on day 1...let's get the month started with day 30.

Day 30: Your Craft Companion

Mr. K is my constant companion, however it seems
when I am not scratching his ears or dropping cheese
on the floor he has no interest in what I am doing.

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