Thursday, August 4

WFA Represents at Dooryard Arts Festival {hem...again}

The Woodstock Fibre Artists are getting ready to bring in the fibre and bring in the FUN at the 3rd annual Dooryard Arts Festival on Saturday Aug 13th. 

We've got a lot planned for the public this year including:
  • Demo's -spinning, knitting and more.
  • Kids fibre craft sessions
  • Items for sale- socks, toys, scarves, accessories, handspun yarn!
  • ~Surprises~ - we have to keep something up our sleeve!

The Dooryard website has all the need to know information about the marketplace. While you're there check out the amazing musical line up they have planned.There will also be "open-air art and craft displays, food vendors, children's activities, free music and collaborative community art projects."

If you look carefully around town during the days leading up to the festival you might find some hints as to where we will be located-but if sleuthing is not your thing here are the details:

Dooryard Marketplace
Queen St pedestrian block
Woodstock NB

If you want to contact any of the fiber gals participating in the weekend please leave us a note on the  "Woodstock Fiber Artists" facebook page. 

See you there!

Wednesday, August 3

The Other Beautiful Things...

I'll be the first to admit it- I don't like cheap yarn. You know the stuff- feels like plastic, squeaks on your needles, made out of acrylic, nylon, prlypropylene and polyester. If I were forced to make a decision between buying a skein of 'plastic' or walking out of a yarn store empty handed- my chequing account would be safe for another day!

But this post is not about yarn-it's about the other tool necessary for knitting NEEDLES! There are so many needles in so many shapes, sizes and materials out there. I used to think picking out luxiourious yarn was a hard decision- but I hadn't tried to pick out the perfect needles yet. Double pointed, 12' straight, 8' straight, swing needles, circular, steel, bamboo, aluminum, ivory, plastic, wood, round, square, and of course every knitter needs a crochet hook. 

Today I came across this photo. The compilation took the needle, in all it's practicality and turned it into something beautiful- something as lovely even as the yarn it helps us sculpts into garments. 

I cannot take credit for the compilation or photos. LHDUMES (flickr id) created the collage with flickr toys, and the photos were taken by the following knitters...