Tuesday, March 30

Knitting Brings the Boys to My Yard.

I have been seeing a lot of vintage advertisements lately with a knitting theme. Here are some of my fav's.

"Yarn with a Happy Ending
Everything's bound to turn out all right for a fellow who's tied to a girl who keeps Schlitz in the picture. We think you'll like Schlitz best, too, because more people
like the taste of Schlitz than any other beer. That's why
Schlitz is... The Largest-Selling Beer in America"

This is a cute one. My only thought is... sometimes you need to measure something when it's not on your needles, or maybe something that's bigger than 12 inches long?

Not sure what this one is for, but I like the graphic.

This book speaks the truth...

Thursday, March 18

It's Not Tuesday

No, it's not Tuesday, but it is Thursday, and I am feeling random, and unlike the Harlot, I do not rail against it.

Well, not today...maybe tomorrow...we'll just play it by ear.

1. I knit socks on the airplane. I will not now, or ever in the future refer to them as airplane socks, but if you decide to call em that, I'll know what you mean.

. My sushi last night cost $50. That's okay, I'll expense it, I just submit my receipt cause work pays for meals and other 'essentials' when I travel.

Essentials =$50 worth of rice and avocado.

I did not receive a receipt. ...

My sushi cost me $50.....it was worth it.

3. One more reason to love an Alpaca.
They are not afraid to hang 10 with dudes making funny faces.

Friday, March 12

Knit or Sweat



Sweat, or Knit?

It's an age old question. Well not age old, three week old maybe.

Lately my behind has been jiggling a little more than I'm comfortable with. (Yes I comfortable with a little jiggle), and I decided to do something about it. That something turned out to be Julie's Boot Camp Extravaganza. This extravaganza is inconveniently held on BOTH Tuesday and Thursday nights. If you know me at all you know those are my knitting nights.

Tough choice. Sweat, pain, blackouts and possible public embarrassment or knitting, talking, laughing, coffee, yummie treats, and no pain. Did I mention no pain?

I miss you knitting and knitting friends. I'll be back when Boot Camp is over, with less jiggle in my behind.