Monday, November 14

Buy Nothing Day

The book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Although "a time to buy and a time to refrain from buying" is not included in this list of days, it probably could be. I know at times I've been really caught up in the pressures of consumerism. While growing up I always had more than enough, and now I take "having things" for granted.
The typical motto of the University Student is "Poor Student". This has never been more true for me than this semester. I dread looking at my bank account balance! Not because there was nothing in there, but just because there was less than I wanted there to be.
So all semester I've been trying to find free things to do. I've found the days and weekends I've not used to "buying something" to fill a need, or a whim, or a bored afternoon, the most fun and memorable. So in order to support fun activities that don't involve shelling out money, or using the debit card I am participating in "Buy Nothing Day". Check out the site, it might be something you would consider doing too.

Wednesday, November 9

Jill Of All Trades

"I believe it's never too early - or too late - to start asking the questions: "What is it that really absorbs me? And what am I uniquely suited to being able to contribute to both my life and the lives of others? - and then to have the courage, patience, and persistence to act on the answers as if your life depends on it. Because, in a very real sense it does." - author Andy Griffith in I Believe This.
I used to believe only those who really understood themselves were happy. Those were the people who had chosen a set career, a great school, or married into wealth! These thoughts were recently brought back to the front of my mind when today in chapel
Jason Clapp talked about being a "Jack of all trades, and master of none". It was wonderful to hear the experiences of someone else with many interests, but apparently no niche. I, like him enjoy lots of different things. Cooking has always been a passion, but would I enjoy doing it for a job and for pleasure...Probably not. So I've kept it as a hobby. I also love singing and leading worship. As a career...No thanks, praise would be a job, not a joy. I was definitely fascinated when Steve tried to teach me what he knew about photography and developing, but do I do it now? No, I have the intent to, but haven't been out to shoot in a long time. What do I want to do? Nothing in particular, and everything in general. I would love to learn sign language! To be able to communicate in this way just silences me. It is such a beautiful form of communication. I also want to write better. I know this is not something that comes easily, because it takes work to translate my thoughts into words. I also want to paint, with watercolours. However, this takes patience and inspiration. Perhaps I am afraid to try, in case I fail.

Even though I am about to receive a Masters degree, I don't feel like I've mastered anything. But this is ok. I believe this is more
advantageous.In these small ways I'll have more opportunity to connect with more people because of my varied interests. I guess all I can do is to follow my whims, knowing they will surely lead someplace delightful, and who knows I may find that special talent made just for me.