Wednesday, December 20


If you whine enough your manager will get you earrings for Christmas.

Monday, December 11

Why Generosity Broke My Heart.

Perhaps a broken heart is not the best way to describe what happened Sunday night. A softened heart might do it justice. I'll start from the beginning. I'm tired, and as of tomorrow will have worked 18 days in a row. I know it's silly to work so much however, I can't say no, and when someone needs a shift covered I really like to help. So I was helping someone out on Sunday and took a shift at Taylor. This is a store I don't typically like to work at for many reasons. Sunday night was worse than usualy because of poor staffing. Only two people were scheduled to run the store from 5-11 pm.(By the way that's stupid). Like I mentioned before, I was tired. The store was so incredibely dirty I felt overwhelmed, and we were swamped.
Honestly I resented being there so I asked God to give me a better attitude, to calm me down so I could concentrate on what needed to be done, to change my attitude, and to take away my weriness and give me joy. I started humming a worship song as I cleaned, and began to feel better. Just as we were closing I noticed two women reading the book "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge. We started chatting and I mentioned the women's bible study at Soul was reading it, but I couldn't go because of my schedule. We talked a bit more before I left to go clean up a few things. A few minutes later I came out of the back room to find one of the women standing there with the book in her hand. She said "here, we just finished reading it tonight, and I want to give it to you" This is the point where my heart broke. I was so overwhelmed by her generosity! I gave her a hug, because I had no words. Still when I think of it , I'm speechless. This little act of generosity will always be significant to me.
You all probably know how I like to keep my books, need, and clean. This book has a coffee ring on the front cover. Normally I'd wipe it off, but this time I think I'll leave it there to remind me to be generious just like Crista was.

Tuesday, December 5

What's All The Cheer About?

What is cheer? At work tonight we had a cheer party. This is a night to celebrate our customers and the relationships we've built with them. I felt an overwhelming spirit of generosity, community and joy at Southglen tonight. This makes me wonder how this feeling is created in a room with so many different people filling its space? It was definitely cheerful...definitely Christmassy, definitely happy, but what else was it? Honestly I felt the joy of the Lord! This type of joy can't be replicated by fake excitement, hype or even good or wishful thoughts. This only happens when the Spirit of God enters a person or a place and they can't help but radiate His glory!