Saturday, April 22

zooming by

Well its been a few days since I've had time enough to write, so it's well over time for an update.

Last summer if you recall I had a simply impossible time finding a job (See May 11, 2005). I have been dreading the end of school because I was afraid I would have the same difficulties in Winnipeg. That however, has not been the case. Within the past week I have been offered two great jobs. I have this weekend to decide what would be best for if I already didn't have enough to do!

I've also been looking at cars. I've test driven a PT Cruiser (Yes okay I know it looks like a mini-hearse), and a Toyota Yarus. I've looked at the Honda fit as well as the VW Golf GL. I think so far I really like the Golf GL and am going today for a test drive with my parents.

Speaking of my parents, they're HERE!! YIPPEEE. They arrived safely on Thursday. We have been very busy since their arrival. Yesterday was some wrap up and rehearsal things, a reception for all college/sem. Grads, and a banquet in the evening. Here are some lovely photos from the evening. They'll be more to come too.

Faculty Singing some lovely songs for us.(l-r, Daryl Climenhega, Stan Hamm, Rodolfo "Jun" Nolasco, Terry Teissen).

Kevin getting an award.

Finally for today, Rachel, Me, Jo, and Gillian sitting on a bench. The only people missing were Lavlet and Lynnette. Lavlet had a good excuse not to come seeing as she lives in Ontario now, but I really don't know where Lynnette was...look out Netty, we're coming to get you!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Today if you take your tumbler into Starbucks you will get a free coffee! Also in honour of Earth Day Starbucks has started giving away their used coffee grounds for customers to use in their gardens. What a great idea!

I think that's all for now! Graduation tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 12

'Cause it's the cool thing to do

It seems all my blogging friends are making lists these days...and seeing as I don't like being excluded, here I go...
  • Only 11 days until graduating from Providence is something I can check off my "to do" list.
  • In 9 days the Three Musketeers liveth again, look out- two of us will be at the same table...Jo N and I, where art thou Lynnette? Who knew the Three Musketeers were so good looking?

  • Mommy and Daddy (uh-huh I do call them that) will be flying from here in just one week.

  • Only about one month until the REAL "not having a job" panic begins.
  • It's been about 22 hours since I tasted the best chocolate in the world (thanks to Rachel for making it and the generosity of Stephen for buying and sharing)
  • An hour and a half until I meet, Karen, Andrea and Stephen at the Toad in the Hole for some good old fashioned Pub food.
  • 45 minutes until I go to Winners and see if those shoes I 'really love' are still there...
  • And one day from now I'll be making those pretty eggs I mentioned a few days ago. Yes, Yes, I'll get to it!

Saturday, April 8

The Meatrix

Go here to discover what they don't want us to see.......
Once you watch the videos, link to the Sustainable Table website and peruse.

Elegant Eggs

What you see above is one of this years Easter distractions. Yesterday I made a wreath to greet visitors. Later this week I hope to start making eggs like these ones so beautifully done by Martha. What delightful things are you doing to prepare for Easter this year?

Monday, April 3

Cloodle and Sensosketch

For all you Cranium playing people out there you can now go online and post all your best Cloodle and Sensosketch drawings on the Cranium website. I'm not sure why you would want to do this, but apparently these people thought it was a good idea.
Can you guess what the drawings are?
dishwasher, pez, cheerleader, cupid.