Tuesday, May 11

{it encourages me to improve my photography}

Back in September I posted a list of 100 things I love about knitting. Number 22 on that list was: it encourages me to improve my photography. Improvement is good, especially when there is LOTS of room for it...I've got miles and miles to go.
Example: Right now the my greatest photography skill is hitting the 'enhance' button in iPhoto.


This has been life changing for me.

Back to the point. I just want to take good, bright, clear photos of one thing. Yarn. Forget about capturing important life moments, puppies, babies, weddings, just gimme the yarn.

In the past I've some how {divine intervention} managed to take some okay pictures, totally by accident. Here are some I'm okay with, what do you think?

**I'd like to thank my white Ikea desk chair for making this photo shoot possible**

Sunday, May 2

{May Mystery Sock 2010}

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned one of my favourite websites on this blog yet. It seems rather impossible that I have not. This site, which is called Ravelry is sort of like facebook for knitters, but with no pesky farmville or mafia wars foolishness. Actually it's better than facebook, because it's all knitting all the time. For me anyway, people who crochet are on the site too, but let's be honest, crochet is a bit kitschy...


I mean crochet is just not for me.

Where was I, oh yes Ravelry. Well Ravelry has all these groups you can join. I know for a fact there are over 10,000 groups but to date I have only joined 11. One group I have recently joined is called "Sock Knitters Anonymous". Those who know me will testify that I do not have a sock knitting addiction, however this group does have something I need. ~Mystery Socks. A mystery sock is a sock pattern that is released to the group in section. {cuff, leg, heel, foot, toe}. They are typically designed by a famous sock knitter/designer.

Yes there is such a thing as famous sock designers.


In the past Nancy Bush and Cat Bhordi have designed, but this month it's all about Cookie A. I have never knit any of her patterns before so figured knitting it at the same time as a group of people would be great. If I have any questions there are about 60 other people working on the same thing I am. One of the rules is that you post a photo on May 1st of what you have cast on, even if it's not much. This is what I've managed to knit on so far.

Pattern: Cookie A Mystery Sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous Group
Yarn: Happy Feet by Plymouth Yarn
Needles: U.S. 1 circular needle
Start Date: May 1st 2010
Finish Date: TBD
Ravelry Link

This afternoon was a beautiful 22 degrees outside and I was knitting on the patio with Mr. K. Once I was done mystery socking it for the day I decided to re-begin a shawl that's been in my queue since before Christmas. Here's what I started with, and my welcome companion Mr. K, one of the handsome men in my life.

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk
Needles: U.S. 4 circular needle
Start Date: May 1st 2010
Finish Date: TBD
Ravelry Link