Tuesday, June 6

Fast Forward

Okay, let's fast forward from then (my last post ) to now.
Let's do a photo recap. :) Click on the photos to enlarge.
So I graduated...here's proof.

I also got a new car...

Started working at

Then I took my car on a camping/canoe trip to Caddy Lake...

It was beautiful...

Becky and I did some simple bouldering.
I also got a bike.
And have been spending a lot of time in the garden.


*Heathluvsing* said...

1. I miss Meredith (check my blog)
2. Meredith is a grad hottie!!
3. Congrats on Graduating
4. Way to camp/canoe
5. Camping =beautiful
6. Way to get a bike
7. Kudos for working at Starbucks. I will have a tall mocha frapachino.

*Heathluvsing* said...

Oh and nice wheels. Road trip to Virginia anyone??

Sarah Gomez said...

Oh my gracious! That picture of the lake reflecting made my heart jump a beat! It's so pretty!

Did you hear my news? I'm getting MARRIED!

Meredith R Culberson said...

blended coffee heather, blended coffee:)

Gillian said...

Hey hot stuff! Who'd you go camping with? I like driving in your car. You can drive me any time! You're swell . . . Coincidence? I think so! Heehee. See you Sunday!

Lavlet said...

Hey Mere,

Your garden looks great! Your car is so cute and looks like you had a great time at grad!