Friday, August 25


Okay everyone, I need your help. I want to make a quilt (NO, it's not an old lady thing, it's cool, really!) I love two patterns but really can't decide. On the top is "flea market fancy" and on the bottom is "flourish". Let me know what you would rather see!


*Heathluvsing* said...

Flee Market Fancy

Heidi said...

I like the colours of both- but FMF is my fav!

Now you make me want to make a quilt ( and whats worse is that I work at Fabricville... and already have too much cloth).

Jo said...

Flea Market Fancy! I LOVE QUILTS! you are so crafty, Mere, and I've always been so impressed by that. If I ever live in the same vincinity as you, you must teach me to quilt!

Quilting is hip. Definately not only an old lady thing.

Lavlet said...

My vote is for the FLOURISH, I love it! Its bright and pretty!

Miss you Mere.


Crayola said...

Hey Mere! You already know my choice! FLOURISH...It is so bright, perky and exuberant, all words that describe you:) But if you do choose the other, I would always take Flourish as a wedding can start that one after...cuz I know you'll have PLENTY of time before I get married! Love you bunches! Bre

Nata said...

You were in my dream the other night. Miss ya, babe!

Anonymous said...

The one on top.