Tuesday, December 5

What's All The Cheer About?

What is cheer? At work tonight we had a cheer party. This is a night to celebrate our customers and the relationships we've built with them. I felt an overwhelming spirit of generosity, community and joy at Southglen tonight. This makes me wonder how this feeling is created in a room with so many different people filling its space? It was definitely cheerful...definitely Christmassy, definitely happy, but what else was it? Honestly I felt the joy of the Lord! This type of joy can't be replicated by fake excitement, hype or even good or wishful thoughts. This only happens when the Spirit of God enters a person or a place and they can't help but radiate His glory!


*Heathluvsing* said...

your pic links are dead. Please fix them so we can see!!!

matthew said...

i like your uniforms. you all look like cute elfs. can elfs be girls? am i even spelling elfs right? whatever the case, take it as a compliment :)