Sunday, February 4

Get er Done

I'm probably wasting my time blogging about all the things I need to be accomplishing this week. Instead of talking about them all, I should just be doing them. It just seems there are so many I can't keep them all strait in my head! Here's the list.

1. ) Get two friends addresses, and finally send off the parcels I'm planning to make up for them. I knit a hat for Jo's baby in August, and he still doesn't have it. Disgraceful!

2.) Clean out my closet. I'd like to be able to see the floor again.

3.) Finish at least one knitting project. Also to finish a re-adjusting pattern for another project.

4.) Make supper every night. I'm tired of eating Babaghanoush and left over ground beef. {Not together of course}

5). Finalize the details of a job instructing wall climbing.

6). E-mail Chuck about my FINAL seminary class. Which needs to be done in two months.

7.) Pay remaining amount of my speeding ticket

8.) Order climbing shoes (b-day gift from mom and dad)

9.) Change my calendars from December and January (respectively) to February.

10.) I know I'm forgetting something?

I think that's all for now...I'm sure there are many other little things, that in the process of doing these 9 things , will pop up.

I'm off to save the world, or at least make my bed.

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Denis said...

Hahaha, YOU ROCK!!!!!