Saturday, March 1

Donuts and a Dog

This month has been a blur activity. The first of the month consisted with sushi in the VIP room at Miso. We had a sunken table which was new to me and enjoyed by all...for about an hour, after that, we all had sore backs.
Then two of our friends opened up their home for us to all come over. We ate cheese cake and played 'rock band'. It's funny how you think you're good at something and then discover ... not so much. It is a game however and all the participants are very talented in real life. Even though all of us failed at least once , or three times in the game.
Saturday was BLT and my 1 year dating anniversary. We spent the day leisurely. I made him donuts. He's always been fascinated by this process. And he arranged for ballet tickets later in the month. Later we went to a dinner at church, and then the big surprise. This is how it happened. I told BLT that I had some donations to pick up, and that they were heavy and I would need his help. So after the dinner we go to get the 'donations'. Which actually was a new addition to my Konrad. An 8 week old Great Dane from Saskatchewan. He's my new best friend and protector...well he's not much protection yet, but he'll certainly hold the intimidations card as he gets older.
The rest of the weekend did not become any more relaxing. Sunday we had church and then I had a board meeting. Later I went to another organization to talk about UP. Oh and did I forget taxes?
Yes, all it all it was a great culmination of many things, which now make my life better richer place.

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