Tuesday, May 11

{it encourages me to improve my photography}

Back in September I posted a list of 100 things I love about knitting. Number 22 on that list was: it encourages me to improve my photography. Improvement is good, especially when there is LOTS of room for it...I've got miles and miles to go.
Example: Right now the my greatest photography skill is hitting the 'enhance' button in iPhoto.


This has been life changing for me.

Back to the point. I just want to take good, bright, clear photos of one thing. Yarn. Forget about capturing important life moments, puppies, babies, weddings, just gimme the yarn.

In the past I've some how {divine intervention} managed to take some okay pictures, totally by accident. Here are some I'm okay with, what do you think?

**I'd like to thank my white Ikea desk chair for making this photo shoot possible**

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