Monday, March 7

If they could all be this good.

We've been cooking a variety of unique meals lately. It's fun to combine normal kitchen fare into a "never before had dinner".

It's been our habit to sit down, start eating and then shoot out ideas of how we could have made it better, or how we will alter it in order for us to enjoy it more the next time. For some this might seem discouraging, or even an insult to the cook, but I don't ever feel insulted. I love the feedback and like making little notes by each recipe we've tried. After all if I'm going to spend time and money to make a meal- I want to enjoy it to the best of its potential.

Last night our routine veered far off course- we started eating, and  all that we could manage to say were things like:
  • I love that the broccoli is not too soft
  • The sauce is just right- not too spicey, not too much ginger
  • Good flavour
  • Would you like seconds? 
  • Is there enough for my lunch tomorrow? 
Yes, a meal with no alterations or tweaks required. Here it is, our FIRST extra delicious meal:

Beef Broccoli Stir Fry from Cooking Light.

One point that I will mention for my Weight Watcher following readers- for a 'light' recipe, it contained a lot of unnecessary oil. (2 Tablespoons). When I make this again, I will omit the oil, as it is completely unnecessary if you're cooking in a teflon wok like I do. The nutty, hearty flavour of Brown Rice would also be a complement to the sauce and beef.

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mereoshop said...

We made this again last night- even easier the second time, and so delicious!