Tuesday, February 21

A month of Craft Photos

Kelly from Celtic Cast On has been doing a Month of Craft photos. This is an idea which she got from Andi Satterlund over at Untangling Knots. I loved looking at Kelly's blog and reading all her little stories that related to each photo she posted. In fact I loved the idea so much I thought I would join in!

Who says a 'month of something' has to start on day 1...let's get the month started with day 30.

Day 30: Your Craft Companion

Mr. K is my constant companion, however it seems
when I am not scratching his ears or dropping cheese
on the floor he has no interest in what I am doing.

See others 30 day crafting journey at Flickr

1 comment:

*Michelle* said...

Aw, super cute buddy!