Wednesday, January 12

Terminal Frustrations

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I just finished spending some quality time with my mother. We watched "The Terminal" with the, ever talented, Mr. Tom Hanks. It was a great movie, funny, sad, challenging (well kind of). Despite it's appeal, it left me kind of disappointed. The reason Viktor Navorski goes to New York, fianally get accomplished, however, I was waiting for more. There was no closure for me. His realtionship with Missy. Flightattendant never gets truly resolved. Nor do we find out what happens to his airport staff friends. I really want to know more about Mr. Navorski. Does he have a family? What kind of job does he have that enables him to leave work for 3 months? Why is he SO nice? Although the Terminal was extremely funny, and entertaining, I still want to know 'why' to many questions. I got very upset at the Airport manager, or whoever he was. I don't think he deserved his job. He didn't care for the people in his airport at all. Are people really as awful as him? One of the best parts of the movie, was the beautiful moasic fountian Viktor made for his um, lady friend.
Have you seen the movie? What do you think?


*Heathluvsing* said...

Mere- I felt the same way when we saw the movie. We saw it in Roanoke at the Grandin Theatre. It was a great theatre that was old school and we watched it with one other couple in the theatre! I thought it was weird how it ended also. But maybe we are missing the main point or something. I don't know but it was still Tom Hanks/Steven Spelburg quality. HMD

Robin said...

I haven't seen it, but thought it looked good; haven't heard much good about it though.

More importantly, where are these photos you told us about taking?

And "hi", by the way. Haven't talked to you in forever but heard from Gill that you're in Manitoba too. Hope you're liking it. Stop by my site sometime if you wanna' get up to date on my doin's.

Jo said...

I think that part of the overall theme of "The Terminal" is that there is no real reason why. That everything is in flux, and that the only thing a person can control is his/her own attitude. I think this movie fits under a "Post-Modern" kind of mindset. There is no reason behind anything, only whether or not one belongs. In the post modern mind belonging gives a person identity. In the Modern mind reason helps define a person's identity. So... If you lose your country, do you lose your identity? No. If you lose your friends, do you lose your identity? No. If you lose your dignity, and self-worth while trying to attain security, do you lose your identity? Maybe. Victor did manage to cope with the utmost integrity. And, by being persistent and going the extra mile, he was able to build for himself a new community, and an identity in a foreign non-place. So, I think that there is a message that this movie is trying to tell us: I think it has something to do with the Golden Rule.... Anyway, those are my over-analytical thoughts. 'Hi' by the way!

matthew said...

Hey Mer

I liked the movie too. Sure, the end left a lot unresolved/unknown....but that's more like life.

It reminded me of the ending of Cast Away. His goal was accomplished, but life was still confusing and up in the air.

Sarah Gomez said...

I haven't seen the movie, although I had wanted to.. so I've no comment on that..

Just wanted to say I missed hearing from you and hope all is going well. Keep in touch!

Sarah Beth said...

Hey Meredith, this is other Sarah Brown from Bethany (The one with brown, not red hair). I have never posted on your site before, but I read it some, and I watched the Terminal so I thought I would comment. Hope you don't mind. I have to agree with you about the movie. Maybe it's more like real life for things not to be resolved or work out, but I am so much happier when they do. I wanted he and Cathrine Zeta-Jones to get together, but they didn't. I was disapointed. That's really all I was upset about, oh, and I didn't like the manager guy either. Hope you're having fun in Manitoba!

bodhi said...

one of my fave movies! i travel alot so i could really relate to Victor.
....and i was mad at the ending too!