Tuesday, January 4

Photos a la Meredith

I'm spending the week in Halifax. It's wonderful except for one thing. I don't have my precious little car with me.
However I am having fun and learning lots of new things.
On Sunday Steve and I went out for a long walk. We took about 36 b&w photos. When we got home he taught me to develop my own photos! This is very exciting, as I have always wanted to learn how, now I can do it for free. The best part is that Steve is very patient, and explains everything very well. Also Im learning to hand tint photos. It takes a lot of patience. I'm thinking if I get proficient at the task, I might sell them! 5x7's go for approximately $50 or more. What a fun and delightful way to make some spare change.
If I can I'll post some of my work later, and perhaps in the distant future, some might be for sale here as well.

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