Tuesday, January 10

Feel The Burn?

I feel old. It's not becaue I've been finding grey hairs, or spotting wrinkles in the mirror. It's because I feel ache-y all over. They say old people creak and snap like an old wood floor in the winter...and that's exactly what I feel like today. I've been doing this Minna Emergency Workout for the past few days. I don't' know what my emergency is...I guess I don't really have one, except that I want to feel better about myself, and I also want to fit back into a fantastic pair of denim trouser pants...that used to fit.
Even though it will make you feel ache-y, and perhaps old. I would recommend trying this DVD if you ever have a chance. Some of my BBC friends may remember Jo and I or Jo and Michele doing it in the girls lounge. It was quite popular. I don't think its popularity came solely because of the great workout it provided. I think the fact it included party and salsa dancing was appealing to us Wesleyan students....it seemed sneaky and yet almost brazen to do this on holy Wesleyan, non dancing property. And we did, and we loved it. That was so long ago...oh dear I'm starting to feel old again.

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kris said...

hey mere,
I remember when i walk in on you and jo, or jo, michelle working out it was fun to watch ya'll!!
Good times.