Thursday, March 16

Miss You

After reading Lavlet's blog I decided to put some photos of her and I up here. The past three semesters were great! We became fast friends, for no apparent reason. I guess true friends don't need a reason. Last semester Lavlet lived in Winnipeg too and we would often do random things. Once in the fall I was watching the news and saw the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra playing at the forks. I wanted to go, so I called Lavlet and within 40 minutes we were swinging to the music. At Christmas she moved back home to Cambridge Ontario. They are lucky to have her. The photos are of: Lavlet and I (okay and some other ppl too) at Gillian and Steve's second reception at the WAG. AND Lavlet and I at our farewell Starbucks meeting in December :( Maybe, just maybe if I'm lucky, and cross my fingers hard enough she'll come to Winnipeg for Graduation!

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Lavlet said...

Mere, your so sweet and thoughtful. I am so blessed to have you as my friend. I miss you too!!!