Wednesday, November 22

The Mummy and the Daddy

Christmas is coming and I get to go home. When it's not busy my mind drifts and thinks about going home. We all have those special memories with our families. I seem to have a lot from around Christmas time. I wish I could capture the pale yellow of the living room with the lights on the tree creating a soft and soothing glow. Nothing says home like this.
I started a tradition a few years ago that I hope to carry on when I have my own family. I went for a walk Christmas night. The crisp air was so refreshing after a day inside. I wonder who'll join me this year?
Not all my memories are serious though. One year was very disappointing. I'd been asking for a sewing machine all year. It was the only thing I really wanted. When it was time for my final (and biggest) gift I just knew it would be the long coveted sewing machine. Oh the things I would create! I closed my eyes as mum brought it in...I opened them and saw, a suitcase. How...practical. Well it did turn out to be practical I've used it over and over. It's been everywhere with me. Still I'll always remember the year of the suitcase. Just thinking about the things that have happened in the past get me excited about what will happen this year!
What's your favourite Christmas memory?
Here's a photo of my mum, dad and I from the last time we were together.


*Heathluvsing* said...

Good old Hazen and Sheila! Sheila looks like her smile is a bit hidden in this pic!!

Some of my fav memories is of my sisters and I upstairs and excited about opening gifts. We could never go to sleep. We would also wake each other up and hang out upstairs because we were afraid we were too early to open them up for the rest of the family. There was some bonding times discussing what we would get etc...

However, I did get a sewing machine last year for Christmas. Adam was in on the plot with my mama.

Sidenote: I just got a subscription to "RealSimple" Magazine. You must get it. I brave to say its better than martha!

Meredith R Culberson said...

Ofcorse her smile was hidden, I was leaving!
Real Simple, better than Martha???How is that possible?