Thursday, March 18

It's Not Tuesday

No, it's not Tuesday, but it is Thursday, and I am feeling random, and unlike the Harlot, I do not rail against it.

Well, not today...maybe tomorrow...we'll just play it by ear.

1. I knit socks on the airplane. I will not now, or ever in the future refer to them as airplane socks, but if you decide to call em that, I'll know what you mean.

. My sushi last night cost $50. That's okay, I'll expense it, I just submit my receipt cause work pays for meals and other 'essentials' when I travel.

Essentials =$50 worth of rice and avocado.

I did not receive a receipt. ...

My sushi cost me $ was worth it.

3. One more reason to love an Alpaca.
They are not afraid to hang 10 with dudes making funny faces.

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