Tuesday, June 1

No Camera Necessary

It is with great pleasure I'd like to announce JAP and I have successfully encountered and conquered what many call
the test of a relationship, the "dear John letter" of vacations you might say...

not Disney,

not sleeping on your second cousin's pull out chesterfield,

none of those horrid eco learning adventures that are so popular,

I'm talking about something worse,

Wilderness camping. With tents, and no running water, and black flies, mosquitoes, the whole bit.

We saw many majestic views on our 3.95 hour (should have been 3) hike of Mt. Bailey. {
Latitude : 47.4295Longitude : -66.9473}.

I learned to trust JAP and have a good attitude despite being lost, and tired, and hot...

...and out of shape.

I learned all about JAP's room-mate woe's and now understand the sun does not set at 4:30.

Despite a forgotten air pump, forgotten towels rendered useless due to fridgid showers, no camera to commemorate the set up of the tent and salsa left in Drummond, it was a great trip. We didn't need our camera, as it's a trip I won't ever forget.

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