Wednesday, April 12

'Cause it's the cool thing to do

It seems all my blogging friends are making lists these days...and seeing as I don't like being excluded, here I go...
  • Only 11 days until graduating from Providence is something I can check off my "to do" list.
  • In 9 days the Three Musketeers liveth again, look out- two of us will be at the same table...Jo N and I, where art thou Lynnette? Who knew the Three Musketeers were so good looking?

  • Mommy and Daddy (uh-huh I do call them that) will be flying from here in just one week.

  • Only about one month until the REAL "not having a job" panic begins.
  • It's been about 22 hours since I tasted the best chocolate in the world (thanks to Rachel for making it and the generosity of Stephen for buying and sharing)
  • An hour and a half until I meet, Karen, Andrea and Stephen at the Toad in the Hole for some good old fashioned Pub food.
  • 45 minutes until I go to Winners and see if those shoes I 'really love' are still there...
  • And one day from now I'll be making those pretty eggs I mentioned a few days ago. Yes, Yes, I'll get to it!


Rachel said...

Thank you for the compliment Meredith - I'm glad you enjoyed them. :)

Sarah Gomez said...

The offer for work still stands here ;)

Steve & Gillian said...

Hey you. Nice eggs (hmm . . .seems like an odd comment). I hope you do make them. Aren't you excited to sit with me?! What about me!!! Don't you ever think of me any more?! Just kidding! I can't wait to play with you, Jo, your BF, my hubby and your 'rents. Cool.

*Heathluvsing* said...

Mere- Your a little hottie in your pic above!