Saturday, April 22

zooming by

Well its been a few days since I've had time enough to write, so it's well over time for an update.

Last summer if you recall I had a simply impossible time finding a job (See May 11, 2005). I have been dreading the end of school because I was afraid I would have the same difficulties in Winnipeg. That however, has not been the case. Within the past week I have been offered two great jobs. I have this weekend to decide what would be best for if I already didn't have enough to do!

I've also been looking at cars. I've test driven a PT Cruiser (Yes okay I know it looks like a mini-hearse), and a Toyota Yarus. I've looked at the Honda fit as well as the VW Golf GL. I think so far I really like the Golf GL and am going today for a test drive with my parents.

Speaking of my parents, they're HERE!! YIPPEEE. They arrived safely on Thursday. We have been very busy since their arrival. Yesterday was some wrap up and rehearsal things, a reception for all college/sem. Grads, and a banquet in the evening. Here are some lovely photos from the evening. They'll be more to come too.

Faculty Singing some lovely songs for us.(l-r, Daryl Climenhega, Stan Hamm, Rodolfo "Jun" Nolasco, Terry Teissen).

Kevin getting an award.

Finally for today, Rachel, Me, Jo, and Gillian sitting on a bench. The only people missing were Lavlet and Lynnette. Lavlet had a good excuse not to come seeing as she lives in Ontario now, but I really don't know where Lynnette was...look out Netty, we're coming to get you!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Today if you take your tumbler into Starbucks you will get a free coffee! Also in honour of Earth Day Starbucks has started giving away their used coffee grounds for customers to use in their gardens. What a great idea!

I think that's all for now! Graduation tomorrow!


Lavlet said...

Hey Mere!

You've been busy with lots, glad to hear that all is well! Congrats on your job offers that great, I was praying for ya! You'll have to let me know what you decide. The pictures of the gals, looks great!

You know what so funny I'm looking for a car too and have also fell in love with the Jetta Volkswagen GL (but not the golf style). Though it is a cute car!

Miss ya,

*Heathluvsing* said...

Congratulations Meredith!

Sarah Gomez said...

This is the day
This is the day
That the Lord has made
That the Lord has made
Mere is a grad
Mere is a grad
We will celebrate
We will celebrate

This is the day that the Lord has made
Mere is a grad, we will celebrate

This is the day
This is the day
That the Lord has made!

(and my dad thinks he's the only one in my family who can make up a song on the spot! )

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