Wednesday, February 19

WIAW-The Sun Is Shining!

If you're reading this it means I've successfully managed to blog two weeks in a row! Hurrah for me {and cheers to you for reading}!

Its still February, and in Eastern Canada that means its still winter- cold, wind blowing, school's cancelled, frozen toes winter! But, somehow, jut a little I think I see signs of spring. The sun creeps in through the shades making it easier to rise, and we don't eat dinner by just the light of candles anymore. Soon enough, 28 days to be exact, Spring will be here.Until then I'm happy to revel in the little changes. 

These little changes in the light are also having an impact on my mood and overall ambition to get stuff done. Most importantly at the moment is food & meal preparation. Getting food ready for the week makes morning and supper time much more enjoyable. I still get the question 'What's for supper", but now I'm happy to say I usually know the answer. 

This text was literally delivered after I finished writing the above paragraph. Oh and how grammar has declines since the text message was invented. We sound like Neanderthals! "Grunt Grunt-Ooh- Arooh"

Without further ado  here are my What I Ate Wednesday pictures!

A delicious Simply for Life spicy hamburger patty (looks ugly, tasted great), Rocha pear and later a coffee.

Morning Snack:
About one and a half Wasa crispbreads, and half of a mushed up avocado. I really love avocado's.

My final serving of Chicken Stew with Quinoa and Green Beans.

Afternoon Snack:
Another delicious cup of coffee in my new favourite mug, and an organic apple. 

This is actually last nights supper, but for the sake of getting this post up today I can live with the inconsistency.  

Salad and Chicken Meal Balls or "Chicken Balls" as T calls them, and Green Beans. According to T "Meatballs" have to be made out of ground beef. What do you think?

After a good workout I had some Greek yogurt with blue and strawberries, two tsp cashew butter and a sprinkling of Omega Crunch.
I went to bed, happy healthy and whole! Until next week!

As always a BIG thank-you to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting hosting this!

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