Wednesday, February 26

WIAW-Food is Fuel!

Have you seen the show "My 600 lb life"? We seem to catch 3-4 episodes each week, and for some reason have become hooked. I'm not sure what draws me to the show, is it the 'freak show' effect of seeing someone that large, the act of cheering them on as they work hard, or even the ones you want to smack because of how 'delusional' they are. There was a woman on last night, 
Penny, 46, from Maryland who said "I cannot live without wantons". The camera pans to her husband who is deep frying the wantons and he says "I wasn't sure about deep frying these, but she says its healthier then ordering out." Penny can later be heard saying the visit from a dietitian was "bull s*#t". I had to just shake my head at her-she was given the gift of good health but she essentially threw it away. 

 I suppose it depends on how an individual was raised, their values and food philosophy but I see people using food as a fix for boredom, to escape after an argument, to become part of a group because they are not being mindful, or frankly because it's yummy! But shouldn't food be more then that? Food should be fuel to power our minds and bodies, it should be delicious and beneficial but should not become something we 'cannot live without' (wantons, not food in general).

You may notice that my food the past few weeks has been mostly simple. The reason behind this is that I'm trying to get back to basics-fueling my body with the simplest of nutrients. When I'm happy with this progress I'll start adding other things back in.

Anyway, enough babbling-onto the FOOD!

1 Simply for Life Mexican Patty, 1/2 cup blueberries, coffee with 2% milk.

Simply Protein Chips. These are an EXCELLENT way to satisfy a craving for spicy, crispy foods like cornchips. 

Greens with 1 cup of Quinoa & Black Bean salad

Afternoon Snack:
Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes and Tzatziki

2 Simply for Life Italian Sausages, Spaghetti squash and Stir Fried veggies!

All in all an excellent day! Hope on over to the Peas and Crayons blog to see more awesome WIAW participants!

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