Thursday, July 24

The Tour de What?

Every night for the past few weeks I've been sitting down at my Ashford Kiwi to indulge in some spinning. It is uncommon for me to do this nightly as I'm more of a sporadic, unfocused, too many hobbies spinner. However, I do love a challenge-and the Tour de Fleece provides just such a challenge. 

If you're not familiar with the Tour de FLEECE, you can read about it here. 

Here are some pics of my progress to date. 

The girl in the fireplace
8 oz: 100% Coopworth
Ravelry Link

Sweet Georgia
Superwash 100% BFL

In case anyone is curious as to who helped me with my tension; that would be Elizabeth (Liz) Miller of Clifton Woolens. I spend a warm and uncharacteristically sunny afternoon in her studio on Germain Street in Saint John, and learned so many hints and tricks I had to write them down!

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